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CLUB VOLLEYBALL 101- Beginnings and Where to Start - Great Read!

By EH, 11/03/17, 11:00AM EDT


New to Club Volleyball or looking for some guidance?

I recently met a wonderful woman who is a parent of many volleyball players over the years and learned of a book she wrote to help parents coming into the club volleyball world or those looking for some real guidance to make good decisions. I asked if I was able to share her writing and I was given permission...

Please go to the website at the end of the article and learn more. Educate yourself so you are always aware of your options and you are always able to navigate this fun experience for your kids.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did..

A seasonal ritual that happens every year. It has new dynamics, new challenges, new dramas, and hopefully great expectations.

Another season ritual is club coaches start to perk up, put their ear to the ground, and start watching players in their area that they would like to play for their organization.  In Pennsylvania coaches are only supposed to talk to parents regarding athletes playing for clubs.  They could also mention it to the high school coach.  Realistically do not be surprised if this rule is viewed as a “if you want to” follow it type of rule.  Be sure if your athlete is considering club to let them know that any/all conversations should be directed to you as the parent.

For those who are very new to the sport. Club volleyball is an opportunity for young athletes to participate in volleyball after the traditional high school season.  There are a full range of club types with a variety of offerings, club fees, and costs. Each has their own flavor and focus.

More on that later.

If someone had asked me if I would be participating in this world of sports about five years ago I would have told them they were out of their minds.  But my children wanted more from their playing experience so we ventured into the world of club volleyball. And what an adventure it has been.

Thus the birth of this book.........

To read more, you can find the book here on the website: